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Sivam Housing Peroperty Management services is the leader in property managment services with good reputation among NRIs and people staying outside Tamil Nadu.


Sivam Hosuing Property Services offers the following three services

Plot Management

We manage your plots with regular visits and online update. Currently people in remote have many challenges to manage their plots without reliable contact. People want to have a local contact to protect the property from title issue and other litigation. We understand the real challenges at the ground and manage your property on behalf of you with your expectation and guidance.

Our other Plot Management services:

  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Fencing
  • Mutation Of Property
  • Name Board Installation
  • Patta / Khata
  • Payment of Property tax
  • Property value Assessment - Buyer's Perspective
  • Property value Assessment - Seller's perspective
  • Leveling
  • On Demand Property Pictures
  • On Demand Videos
  • Legal Opinion

For all the above service we can do assessment based on the area and distance and give a quotation within 24 hours.

Construction Management

If you are planning to buy an apartment, we can provide our service to manage your apartment construction phase by phase with your guidance. We will be your representative to update you the progress and communicate to your builder. You can also hire a full time person from us to manage your property till it reaches the construction or you can avail any of our field visit service. We will make sure that your dream house comes with your taste even if you are not physically present in India. We will also coordinate with your relative or other representative in India till the project is completed successfully.

Our other construction management services:

  • Interior Decoration
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Landscaping
  • On Demand Videos
  • Property Assessment - Buyer's Perspective
  • Property Assessment - Seller's perspective
  • Wooden Work
  • Legal Opinion
  • On Demand Property Pictures
  • Final Inspection Report
  • Gardening

Rental Management

Sivam Housing Property Services offers Rental Management by visiting your property, giving advertisement and finding a right tenant, legal documentation, collecting or coordinating rental payment, auto payment arrangement, periodic maintenance etc.

Our other Rental Management Services:

  • Explaining lease terms & condition to Tenant
  • Grill/Gate Work
  • Inventory Check
  • Legal Opinion
  • Major Maintenance – Repair
  • On Demand Property Pictures
  • Property Assessment Value
  • Rent Collection & Deposit
  • Tenant Search
  • Utility Bill Payment

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